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Sometimes life feels really tough. Maybe now is one of those times.


A lot of people who start counselling feel stuck repeating the same painful patterns. Perhaps you can relate? Maybe you rush to get through whatever you are doing, or you check things off your to-do list but don’t feel like you’re getting anything done. Stuck feeling worried all the time, you may feel like your life is controlled by anxiety.

Do any of these seem familiar...?

...Your mind is working overtime and you feel exhausted

...Your confidence is at an all-time low

...Day-to-day tasks seem unmanageable

...Those happy moments you used to have in your life seem to have gone

...You feel like something is missing in your life

If so, I’m here to help.

It’s possible to feel better

Imagine a life where you:

Stop letting anxiety make decisions for you

Find a more positive and hopeful outlook on life

Figure out who you are, and where you want to go next

Change your life for the better

Counselling helps you to deal with your challenges and start moving towards your ideal life with less stress and more calm. You will find the skills you need to prioritize yourself, so you can take care of yourself and discover ways to cope with difficult situations in life.

Counselling can positively change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and can help you let go of what may be holding you back.

Are you ready to start feeling better?

If you feel stuck repeating the same painful patterns, counselling could help. During your free phone consultation, you can share what’s going on for you and we can explore how I can help.

I am a compassionate, supportive and encouraging counsellor who can help you feel like yourself again. I provide support for people aged 18 years and over, experiencing excessive worry, high stress, and feeling overwhelmed in life.


I will listen to you carefully and read between the lines to uncover what might be going on underneath. Read more on my 'about' page.

I can support you through changes you want to make, and have experience with a range of issues including anxiety, sleep problems, self-esteem, relationship issues, bereavement and loss, life changes, stress and panic attacks.

I'm Hayley, and I help people to manage their anxiety and make changes in their life

Anxiety therapist, Hove

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