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"Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action"

- Walter Anderson

Do you lay awake at night, worries going round and round your head? You wake up the next morning, feeling just as exhausted as before, dreading another day filled with anxiety. When people ask you how you are, do you find yourself saying "I'm fine", even though you really aren't?

Sometimes, it feels easier to pretend everything is ok, even though your anxiety is running wild.

But pretending doesn't really help. You anxiety is still there. 

There are ways to cope better with anxiety, and to stop it from ruling your life.

Let me show you how

I'd love to help you with your anxiety, so don't struggle alone, send me a message

I'm Hayley, and I help people with their anxiety

Anxiety can affect people in different ways, and I've seen how exhausting it can be for people. Being on constant alert uses up a lot of energy! It can be difficult to relax, to sleep and even affect how you eat. It can make us avoid certain situations or people, just so that we don't have to feel extra anxious.

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